EPISODE 40: Shocking Chakras, He’s NAKED!

Episode Notes

We’re back from the alternate timestream! Shaun’s trip to Germany is done, Dave’s wandered back to his computer and Jill is ready to rock. And OH BOY, have we got a case of weird news for you! This one’s sure to give you the willies. Or at least put you OFF willies for a good long time! A Massachusetts Yankee in a crowded New Hampshire gym opted for the au naturel yoga program. Unfortunately, no one OFFERED him said option, and with the police closing in, our buffoon in the buff had one of the strangest defenses ever offered. We’ve got all the hot takes you need, and even some (extremely) amateur legal analysis…

BUT FIRST! Jill, back after weeks of inaction returns with a Here’s the Thing all about…wait, really? Inappropriate pictures?! OH NO, IS THIS A THEME FOR THE WHOLE EPISODE??

AND later, in Three for the Road, we’ve got badly named babies, under-appreciated mummy juices, Japanese armpit ads, and almost CERTAINLY more phallic jokes than you can shake a gym membership at!

Stop your grinnin’ and for crying out loud, keep wearing your linen, here comes the WHIPAROUND!


Police: Naked Man Arrested At Planet Fitness Said He Thought It Was A ‘Judgment Free Zone’

Public Indecency Overview

ASMR videos have finally evolved to the next level

How a parasite from cat poop can reduce your fear and maybe make you an entrepreneur

Japanese Company Wants to Lease Young Women’s Armpits as Advertising Space

Mystery black sarcophagus opened in Egypt

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Cast Posts Open Letter Supporting Director James Gunn

Sunny Rest Resort Homepage--NSFW

3-year-old twins, Tom and Brady, fly 8,000 miles to meet their namesake Tom Brady

Braves' Sean Newcomb, Nationals' Trea Turner apologize for offensive tweets from 2011 and 2012

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