Episode 55: The One Where Jill Turns into Satan

Episode Notes

Strange things are afoot on the show this week: how WONDERFUL! Jill, Dave, and Shaun are here with another 1-2-3 punch of bizarro news: Jill’s got a piece about the consequences facing the modern slug-eater, Dave, uh, REVISITS an old news item about faux cat parties (and reawakens some old, embarrassing email faux pas), and Shaun’s got the latest headlines in urinal-based advertising! AND WE’VE GOT A NEW BRAND OF TRUTH OR BULLSH!T!


Jill kicks off Act 1 with a quick rant about our idiotic dog-owner from last week that quickly spirals into our gal pal stepping into the cloven hooves of the Prince of Darkness himself! Hear just how Devil-Jill would punish those who cannot be trusted with canines and peanut butter…her rage is nothing short of Olympian!

PLUS, in THREE FOR THE ROAD…Shaun unwinds a tale about what may be the longest bath a living person has ever taken, Dave thumbs his nose at basic door decorum, and Jill has an update about the case of the nefarious strawberry needler!

Things sure are crazy as the holidays get underway, but remember: it’s important to stop once in awhile to smell…THE WHIPAROUND!


Football Teams in Spain Are Installing TV-Urinals in Their Stadium Bathrooms, But Not for the Obvious Reason

A Young Man Ate A Slug As A Dare. A Decade Later It Killed Him

5-day bath: Postal worker, neighbors find Chesaning woman stuck in bathtub

A man left his house to go to work. Then he was trampled by a wild boar.

Thanksgiving-flavored Pringles sell out in 41 minutes

15 Creative Washroom Advertising Campaigns

124-year-old patent solves the 'over versus under' toilet paper roll debate

A 50-Year-Old Woman Has Been Arrested In Connection With Strawberries That Were Contaminated With Sewing Needles In Australia

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