Episode 51: Ride the Cinder!

Behold, Episode 51: the stepchild of our podcasting family: it’s not a milestone like 50, and it’s not an anniversary like 52, but it’s amazing in its own way and we love it JUST as much as the others. Even if it does look at us with such…malice. Brrr. Did you feel that? Did it just get cold in here?

Anyway! Phil and Shaun are here to unveil the week’s weirdest, most eyebrow-raising news: Dr. La Porta starts things off with a bang, or should we say, a STAB: it seems the world’s laziest psychopath strikes at a haunted house attraction in Tennessee and the fallout is plumb STRANGE. Shaun follows that bizarreness with a layered tale about a preschooler’s collection of human teeth…with a twist that will turn your stomach in joyful knots!

BUT FIRST! In Science!, Phil brings us word of fiery windmills in Europe! The WHY of it has him in the dumps, but Shaun is ready with some uplifting advice!

PLUS, in Three for the Road, Fido’s got a drinking problem now that ‘Good Boy’ beer is on the menu, a US embassy in Australia issues an apology over a cat pajama party, thieves steal…an entire VINEYARD? and so much more!

Break out the Diet Doctor Pepper and the white chocolate, it’s time to turn this party up to 51, baby! It’s THE WHIPAROUND!


Woman stabs friend after unknowingly given real knife outside Tennessee haunted house

Netherlands-based Counterterrorism site

Girl Brings Home Crack Cocaine From Preschool Thinking It Was Teeth

Houston couple creates 'Good Boy' beer for dogs

Pakistani martial artist cracks 243 walnuts with his head

US embassy apology after cat pyjama invite

These are the finalists of 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, and they’re hilarious

Thieves steal entire German vineyard

Earth Dodges a Meteor Storm

Caroline La Porta Etsy Shop: The Magician’s Assistant

Topgallant Radio Homepage: Home of the Slow Readers Podcast

Podadelphia Philly Sports Podcast Homepage!

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