Episode 47: Truth, Bullsh!t, and the Ig Nobel Way!

Episode Notes

We’ve got another tag team effort for you, Citizens! Phil and Shaun are here, each armed with a bizarre tale ripped from the hidden spaces behind the headlines—are brutal, ridiculously obvious whodunnits your thing? Shaun’s got you covered with a story about a bumbling murder! Mad science more your speed? Phil’s ready to unveil some incredible (and rather bewildering) highlights from this year’s Ig Nobel Prizes! Two times the tantalizing trips! You’re WELCOME!

BUT FIRST! We debut a brand new segment: Shaun’s Cabinet…OF THE MACABRE! Dust off the edge of your favorite seat, because Mr. Hayes is going to rip back the veil and reach into the darkest reaches of memory to pluck out a juicy tidbit of darkness for everyone—this week it’s all about a heroic but unsung dead American hero!

AND, in Three for the Road, idiots act idiotic about a flag (no kiddin’!), the Toy Hall of Fame needs YOU, and those strawberries may be booby trapped, mate! Toss’em on the barbie! Quick!

We remain your number one source for serious discussions about dinosaur chickens and crocodile ass-feathers, for we are…THE WHIPAROUND!

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Whiparound Feedback Survey!!

Stone Age Gamer Podcast discussing the upcoming Pain in the Assathon

Toy Hall of Fame finalists: American Girl dolls, Uno cards

Nation-Wide Scare as Metal Needles Are Found in Strawberries All Over Australia

Author of How to Murder Your Husband charged with murdering husband

Frying Pan Tower American flag, 'Kevin,' becomes Hurricane Florence's viral sensation

Student Borrowers And Advocates Win Court Case Against DeVos

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