Episode 50: We Make 50 Look... Weird!

It’s the Whiparound’s Quinquagenarian episode: she’s 50, ya’ll!

For our fiftieth episode, Shaun, Dave, and Phil each bring their specialty segments to bear, offering up some Science, some Sports Rage, and a macabre bit of Americana! That’s right: it’s a SEGMENTAROUND! Strap in and ride the wave of specialty weirdness!

Is wisdom your thing? Phil’s got a story about Sans Forgetica, the next big thing in hard-to-read fonts! More of a sports fan? Step right up and behold What Made Dave Angry This Week—in which Mr. DiOrio has a bone to pick with a certain type of whiny fan. Or are the darker corners of the human experience more to your liking? If so, you’re gonna dig the latest edition of Shaun’s Cabinet of the Macabre as he celebrates a grim anniversary. So much to like and it’s all here for the listening!


The crew reflects on some of our favorite episodes and moments over the previous 49 shows: we’ve even got Jill’s input locked and loaded. And you know what that means…this week’s Act 1 is a CLIP SHOW! Be sure to send YOUR favorite Whiparound moments to us at TheWhiparound@gmail.com and maybe we’ll go all DJ Whip and spin some hits for your next week! PLUS, in Three for the Road, we’ve got a skull-shaped Death Comet in the neighborhood, a wonderful glimpse at an online boutique of terrifying toilets, and a Martian…WITH TWO BRAINS!

Who are you callin’ old, whippersnapper?! This old podcast is spry as ever! OOF! My back! Quick, help me up and stop laughing, ya ingrate! Show some doggone respect for…THE WHIPAROUND!

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How to get that great “hoppy” beer taste without the exploding bottles

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Sans Forgetica: new typeface designed to help students study

The Story Of Chiller, One Very Messed Up Video Game

Chiller 1986 Arcade Gameplay

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