Episode 48: Everything is Awful Now or, The Spider News Special! with Special Guest Simka Griffin!

Episode Notes

It’s a barn-burner of an episode as Jill and Shaun are joined by friend of the show Simka Griffin for a jam-packed show: we’ve got updates from Dave and Shaun’s charity gaming “work” with Geekade.com’s Pain in the Ass-a-thon over the weekend, a shout-out to a dedicated fan, SURVEY NEWS, and not one but TWO major stories about horrible, horrible spiders and their horrible, horrible behavior to cover! First we’re off to Greece, where a spider death orgy has led to thick webs enshrouding hundreds of meters of beautiful coastline, but don’t run away just yet: we’ve still got to jet to merry old England for a rather eerie story of a disembodied voice singing lullabies to terrified townsfolk in the middle of the night: AND THE ANSWER IS SPIDERS! Be sure not so miss another brand new game to get the horridness of arachnids off your brain: this week, Shaun brings us “Nature or Horror!” a sound-based trivia game sure to raise your hackles!

BUT FIRST! Jill’s got a brand new issue to cover in Here’s the Thing, and this time, she’s got sushi in her crosshairs. Uh-oh…

PLUS, in Three for the Road, folks are sniping mini-horse-eating gators in Livingston, Texas, the flu vaccine cannot give you the effing flu, and Australia’s needles-in-fruit crisis is spreading from berries to other goodies! Is Big Candy to blame??

You’re never more than ten feet from a spider BUT you’re also never more than a click away from your very best friends…AT THE WHIPAROUND!

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