Episode 19: Eine Kleine Propaganda— with Gabe and Ryan of the Sex and Violence Podcast!

Episode Notes

The boys from “Sex and Violence” join Shaun and Phil in a hilarious yet poignant analysis of cinema’s use of propaganda. Can insidious means of persuasion be used for “good”? Do religiously-focused films cross into propaganda? Does a gratuitous scene of well-oiled volleyball players help the Navy recruitment efforts go down? PHIL takes us back…IN SPACE! …for a thrilling bit of amateur stargazer news… PLUS we’ve got ourselves the most exciting swag giveaway contest YET! Listen closely for your chance to win a custom movie poster by local artist Tyler Martis! (Hint: We are confident you…WILL…DIG IT!) AND we provide a full HALF CASE of tidbits for your pleasure in a super-sized THREE FOR THE ROAD! We’ve got Sex+Violence+Whipping Around, who could ask for anything more?? Relax and let us tell you how to think and feel: your REAL friends are right here…on THE WHIPAROUND!

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“Toto’s ‘Africa’” by Ernest Hemingway

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