Episode 54: Don’t Stick Your Tongue on that Iron Curtain!

Phil and Shaun team up to take down…or at least survive this week’s strangest news with all their pieces intact and unspoiled! Check out Shaun’s bewildering item about an urban legend that came true in the worst possible way as Man’s Best Friend succumbed to dark temptations…and don’t miss the Good Doctor’s coverage of what appears to be an Antarctic CRIME SPREE (which may or may not be entirely fueled by vodka madness)! THEN, a surprise guest joins the boys to test their mental mettle with some BIZARRE trivia! Play along, and see if you know your Viking torture from your hideous animal mating rituals…


In SCIENCE!, Dr. La Porta does some gloves-off diagnosing of Web M.D. in a segment that is 99% sure NOT to give you cancer!

PLUS, in THREE FOR THE ROAD…we’ve got boa constrictor surprises, geologists with disruptive porn problems, pills as secret salad ingredients and way more!

As an added bonus, Shaun lets us know which of the regions many podcasts he went and visited last week in a new segment that’s got Phil singing. Yes. You read that right.

This one’s for you, Citizens! Of course, they all are, really. We’re givers like that. We are…THE WHIPAROUND!


Travis Bickle on the Riviera Movie Podcast Homepage

Stone Age Gamer Video Game Podcast Homepage

Topgallant Radio Homepage, Home of Slow Readers Literature Podcast

Man whose testicles were eaten by dog 'was alone with the animal'

Eye doctors find that WebMD symptom checker was wrong more than half the time

'A sickening, pulsing heartbeat.' Mystery music is floating from Delaware to N.J.

Live boa constrictor found in bin of Goodwill donations

Porn-loving US official spreads malware

Home monitoring system hacked by stranger; LI family doesn’t know how long they’ve been watched

An Attempted Murder at a Research Station Shows How Crimes Are Prosecuted in Antarctica

Russian Researcher Charged With Attempted Murder In Antarctica

California woman finds suspected pills in restaurant salad

Podadelphia Philly Sports Podcast Homepage!

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