Episode 52: For It’s a Jolly-Weird Podcast!

Episode Notes

Happy birthday, Whiparound! Yep, we’re turning ONE, so check our diaper, wipe up that spit-up and let us gum you some amazingly weird news! Shaun is ready to spin a tale of the darkest sugar cookies this side of the morgue, Phil explains how milk is the new burning edge of ignorance, and Jill tells the story of a very special kind of guy who brawls at a Medieval Times and is only getting started: watch out sharks, a nude idiot is coming your way! And we find out just how much these hosts know one another in a first-ever game for the show: Two Truths and a LIE!


Dave joins in for an Act 1 featuring Jill’s words on the plight of singles recovering from cranial surgery and some cat-wine-focused Citizen Mail!

PLUS, in THREE FOR THE ROAD…are workout supplements doing Darwin’s work? Where did an online mob of millions head when Youtube went on the fritz? And just how long can a fella survive at the bottom of a mine shaft with only rattlesnakes to keep him company? All those answers and more await (if you can stomach them!) on this very special WHIPAVERSARY edition of your best pal in the world: THE WHIPAROUND!

Also, EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to all our guests and loved ones for recording some well-wishes for us this episode!

AND, last but not least, thank you to every one of you Citizens out there for tuning in this year. We’ve got plenty more where this year came from; you’ll see!


Boy who ate cookie baked with grandpa's ashes says it was like crunching sand

Why White Supremacists Are Chugging Milk (and Why Geneticists Are Alarmed)

Naked Man Who Jumped Into Aquarium Shark Tank Wanted By Police

A Man Fell Down A Mining Shaft And Had To Kill Rattlesnakes While He Was Stuck There For Three Days

Who Paid 99 Cents Homepage

Pinot Meow Cat Wine

Flushed wipes cause Charleston Water System backup

Pornhub Saw A Huge Spike in Traffic When YouTube Went Down

Hero Club: A Dungeons & Dragons Radio Play Podcast

Hundreds of dietary supplements are tainted with potentially harmful drugs

Rectal Marijuana Is More Effective Than Smoking Joints: Doctor

Rectal bioavailability of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol from the hemisuccinate ester in monkeys.

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