Episode 45: Feel the Sting!

Episode Notes

And just like that, summer is fading away…oh but WAIT! Shaun’s here with a barrage of bizarro, stinging, creepy-crawly bug news from the hottest season of the year! Scorpions climbing into people’s mouths, celebrities befriending hostile wasps, and VERY well-endowed pests of the Amazon are just some of the wonders Dave will have to endure for your listening pleasure. Maybe grab your Epi-pen, because things soon turn to ANOTHER round of Truth or Bullsh-t: featuring exhaustive research into what one Entomologist went through to catalogue the feeling of being bitten and stung by a veritable HORDE of angry insects!


Dave gives us a preview of what’s going on with Podadelphia’s sports coverage and provides a nearly-sort-of-kinda-perfectish explanation of our SURVEY CONTEST and then lets loose with a chest-thumping defense of holiday enthusiasm in a very special What Made Dave Angry This Week! AND, in Three for the Road, wet willies may or may not be criminal offenses, New England football fans get pranked by Dunkin Donuts, and Shaun discovers how far one plucky Russian nail salon will go for some viral fame!

Gah! They’re everywhere! These things can sting over and over and over…Quick, dive into THE WHIPAROUND!

PS: Don’t forget to fill out a survey: it’s 10 Clicks for 10 Bucks and YOU could be a winner! AND If we get enough by the last day of September, Phil’s gonna DOUBLE the value to 20 dollars each Amazon gift card! Click the first link below and you’ll be on your way!


Whiparound Feedback Survey!!

The Indian Village Where People Play with Live Scorpions

Amazon Wasp with Enormous Stinger May Just Haunt Your Nightmares

Officials: Thieves Stole Over $40,000 In Rare Insects, Reptiles At Philadelphia Insectarium And Butterfly Pavilion

Watch ‘The Bee Man’ flush hundreds of hornets from their nest — in an old El Camino

Bees Swarm Times Square Hot-Dog Stand

Chrissy Teigen Twitter Page with Video of Wasp Playing On Her Arm

The 10 most painful stings on the planet, by the self-sacrificing man who tried 150 different varieties in the name of science

I tried the $550 ice maker that creates chewable frozen 'nuggets' and has thousands of fans

Nail Salon Gets Slammed Online for Sealing Live Ants in Transparent Acrylic Nails

About our new religious typology of the U.S.

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