Episode 43: Have Eggs Will Travel

Episode Notes

Hong Kong wins big in the Bizarre Tech Fad lottery: dating via VENDING MACHINES! Coins plus personal information in plastic capsules equals love! Maybe! Dave, Shaun, and Jill brush up on their AA-BB-CC’s to unpack this strange twist in dating (and hope the answers don’t get stuck halfway to the bottom of the machine!). It isn’t long before Jill shares some tales from the dating dark side and Dave goes gallivanting to the seedy vending machine underbelly of Japan, where things…well…things get gross. This story is equal parts The Terminator and Love Connection…and Shaun’s got a brand new game that pulls from both worlds: stay tuned for The Match Game: Skynet Edition once the weird news washes over ya!


Jill kicks things off with a Here’s the Thing that asks that age-old question: how come there’s no such thing as a MOM Bod? Delight as Shaun and Dave squirm under the glaring spotlight of Jill’s societal critique!

AND, in Three for the Road, Jill’s STILL railing against birds, dogs are licking people’s legs off, and Dave’s been robbed! Get in here fast and deposit your quarters before somebody goes and jams gum in the coin slot… IT’S THE WHIPAROUND!

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