Episode 24: GTFO UFOs!

Episode Notes

UFOs break into the news cycle once again, and Shaun and Dave join forces to cover the story before quickly plummeting into the dark recesses of their own deep fears. BUT! A recent breakthrough in therapy promises that, with enough exposure to the sources of their dread, the guys might just ditch their phobias once and for all…but did they bring enough material to scare the fear right out of their bodies?

BUT FIRST! Dave’s got some Disney Rage in What Made Dave Angry This Week, Shaun’s got a new musical buddy, and Three for the Road confronts cheating gamblers, reveals how few trolls there really are on the web and more!

For those about to hear us squirm, we salute you!...ON THE WHIPAROUND!

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2 Pilots in Different Planes Saw the Same UFO. The FAA Can't Explain It.

Pilots say they spotted UFOs while flying over Arizona

Overcoming Fear: The Only Way Out is Through

WTF Is This(Original Spider Worm)

Massive spider crawls out of girls mouth

Crazy Scary Spider Hole

Man eats spider

Clip from Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Side by side of UFO art and alleged UFO sighting photo

Man behind infamous ‘alien autopsy’ video finally reveals the whole truth behind it

Birthday Party Scene from Signs

Photo of alleged alien in car headlights

Video clip of various claims of alien sightings including Skinny Bob

Photo claiming to show two aliens interacting on Earth

Clip from Fire in the Sky

Amazing Otamatone Homepage

Judge: Ivey Owes $10.1M To Casino, While Card Maker Could Only Owe $27

5 Theories on Why We Dye Eggs for Easter

Community Interaction and Conflict on the Web

Jill Yapsuga’s Youtube Series: Welcome to Spinsterhood

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