EPISODE 39: The Fault Is In Our Rocks: With Guest Ryan Griffin

Episode Notes

Shaun and Phil are joined by educator and southern New Jersey teacher’s union Vice President Ryan Griffin (henceforth to be called GRIFF!) for a chat about the value of schools, a humble educator’s fondest wishes, and bizarre—even…UNWORLDLY??...news about strange doings in and around the World Cup!

PLUS…the return of the Build-a-Cult Workshop with an Alien Origins TWIST!

AND…a thrilling Three for the Road you’ll have to hear to believe! Or at least to, you know, understand what was said! Because it’s strictly audio! You get it!


The Raelism Homepage!

Animals are better at predicting World Cup matches than you. (Well, some of them are)

Supposedly Psychic Cat Off To Good Start With World Cup Predictions

Residents startled as BIZZARE ‘UFO’ object lights up night sky near Russia World Cup city

London's Hyde Park is now home to this incredible floating sculpture

Millionaire Teen Builds Functional Dr. Octopus Suit

A novel test bed for non-equilibrium many-body physics

Observations of the missing baryons in the warm–hot intergalacti

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