Episode 31: Surviving the FOOD BOOM Fallout! - With Guest Bridget Carey

Episode Notes

Just as Dave and Shaun begin to wonder if they can take the barrage of stress and dark news a moment longer, they are joined by Pittsburgh area cook and COMFORT FOOD expert Bridget Carey, who rides to the rescue with recipes, wry wit, and a willingness to face down the tides of anxiety with some laughs and new takes on familiar homey food recipes that leave the boys absolutely agog.

LEARN the differences between comfort food and GUILTY food…

MARVEL at Bridget’s ability to use culinary creativity to ease fear of everything from incels to spiders to alien aviators…

JOIN IN and let us know your own go-to dishes that fill your sails when the going gets rough.

And stay tuned for a new game that pits a gifted chef against the darkest powers of Shaun and Dave’s collective imaginations.

And OF COURSE there’s madness aplenty in Three for the Road: gas giants, racist coffee shops, dumbass kids movies, LITERARY BURNS and more await!

Aw, nuts…did we leave the oven on? Be right back—ON THE WHIPAROUND!


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