Episode 25: The Phantom (Torso) Menace

Episode Notes

We’ve got our scientist back! Briefly!

Dr. Phil La Porta swings back in to help Jill and Shaun understand some of biggest and most controversial science stories in the news. And, of course, things veer off course early, often, and with much hilarity. We’ve got space mutations, ethical quandaries, and crash-test corpses IN SPACE!

But first, a light appetizer of scandal news, Jill’s Here’s the Thing is all about identity and unisex clothes choices, and Shaun worries about a certain Canadian psychologist teetering on the edge of Messianic status. PLUS! Contests abound—listen in for your chance to win in not one but TWO amazing giveaways!

Generosity abounds on the only podcast worth trusting: THE WHIPAROUND!

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LINKS: NASA Twins Study Investigators to Release Integrated Paper in 2018

No, space did not permanently alter 7 percent of Scott Kelly’s DNA

Astronaut's gene expression changed by year in space

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Trump Tower Smoke Sensors Alerted Firefighters to Deadly Blaze

Denying Genetics Isn’t Shutting Down Racism, It’s Fueling It

Jury finds pharma millionaire's brother responsible for Rebecca Zahau's hanging death

A Messiah-cum-Surrogate-Dad for Gormless Dimwits: On Jordan B. Peterson’s “12 Rules for Life”

Jill Yapsuga’s Youtube Series: Welcome to Spinsterhood

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