Episode 20: 1-Upping The Oscars!

Episode Notes

The Sneaky Geeky Dads are BACK and this time…it’s OSCAR NIGHT at the Whiparound! Shaun and Dave examine their surprisingly ferocious issues with the Academy Awards and host their own awards show, Whiparound-style: THE WHIPPIES! Red carpets are out! Pajama clad dads are IN, baby! With categories like “Best Guilty Pleasure Movie,” “The Lucky Accident Award,” and an incredibly charged “Revisionist History Award” in which Dave and Shaun take turns FIXING OSCAR MISTAKES OF THE PAST, this episode is a MUST-HEAR!

Also, your friendly neighborhood Dads talk parenting wins and losses, field a listener question about what movies to keep kids away from, and reveal their nocturnal activities with another edition of Playing/Reading/Watching. It’s a veritable overpriced celebrity gift-bag of fun on…THE WHIPAROUND!

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