Episode 56: More Like NO Thanks! A Whiparound Thanksgiving Quasi-Special

Episode Notes

Got a hankerin’ for some yummy, oven-roasted podcast-goodness just like Ma used to make? Oh…you’d rather have some weird-looking hanks of the oddest stories around instead? Well, wash those hands and pull up a chair! Feast your ears on the Whiparound’s heaping platters of WHUUUUH? on this super-special THANKSGIVING-ish episode! Shaun and Dave are pilgrims in a bizarre land this week, with news to share about exploding wedding dresses and hologram spouses AND A NEW GAME we like to call “They Married WHAT!?”


Shaun’s got some Game of Thrones news to run by Dave sure to raise Mr. DiOrio’s hackles, followed QUICKLY thereupon by a What Made Dave Angry This Week with a fresh, New Car Rage smell!

AND, in a Turkey Day TWIST, Three for the Road becomes…THREE FOR THE TINFOIL SWAN as Shaun and Dave take turns revealing their unvarnished thoughts on this most ruffles-on-the-leg-bones holiday! What’s stuck in Shaun’s craw about our day of indulgent feasting? Can Dave calmly deal with the oppressive heat in a full-blown Thanksgiving-mode kitchen? All those answers and more await, along with some lovely dog-food-can-shaped cranberry sauce. We hope you saved some room for WEIRD NEWS, it’s…THE WHIPAROUND!


A Look Back at When Thanksgiving Was Basically Halloween

George R.R. Martin apparently now hiding out in a cabin to get this goddamn book done

Big bang: You could feel this Texan’s divorce being finalized from ’15 miles away,’ video shows

Japanese Groom Spends $18,000 To Get Married To A Hologram

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