Episode 21: It’s Off to the Trail of Beers! With Special Musical Guests: The Rogue Diplomats!

Episode Notes

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day in just a few and who better to join Jill and Shaun to ring in and overanalyze the holiday than a few members of a popular Irish folk band? Matt Breiner and Brian Donnelly of The Rogue Diplomats join the show this week as the Whiparound’s FIRST musical guests! Between songs, Matt and Brian chat with your hosts about the history of Paddy’s Day, how Americans and the Irish see and celebrate the holiday differently and help unpack the tricky question of whether it’s PAIN that brings about the best CELEBRATIONS!

PLUS, Jill has an update about her brand new Youtube series AND some reflections on her recent trip to Disneyworld and Shaun does a whole show hopped up on Sudafed and beer; so you remember just as much about recording day as he does! Woohoo!

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit and keep your eyes peeled for heroic goats, ya crazy Citizens!

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