EPISODE 38: Profiles in Whiparound Greatness: DR. PHIL LAPORTA!

Episode Notes

It’s a Special Whiparound Get-to-Know-Your-Hosts™ episode! He’s a man of reason, a man of science, a man of many talents and toilet jokes, but just who IS Dr. Philip La Porta? Where does he come from? What shaped the young boy from New Jersey into a Brainiac-level intellect, a magician nonpareil, a laser-building, optics-checking, pun-wielding, weird-science expert beloved by so many? Find out as Dave and Shaun go into the mind of the REAL Doctor Phil! PLUS the good doctor brings us a very special edition of SCIENCE!...It Still Matters, Dammit™! that puts to rest a great many questions about the brain—including just what part controls the boob-obsession. Maybe.

AND…a Whiparound FIRST as Phil attempts a long-distance magic trick with his lovely assistant, Dave DiOrio! Can Phil’s powers of prestidigitation span a veritable ocean (ok, lake. Ok, ok: reasonably impressive puddle™!) of distance to pluck thoughts right out of Dave’s head? Tune in and find out on that most erudite of podcasts: the WHIPAROUND!


Is There Something Unique about the Transgender Brain?

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