Episode 33: Sex and Violence and Pierogis!

Episode Notes

The summer movie blitz is well underway and your pals at the Whiparound—as always—want the inside scoop! So we snagged some time with our friendly neighborhood cinephiles, Gabe Mara and Ryan Snyder of the Sex and Violence podcast and absolutely peppered them with questions about summer blockbusters, the crowded creative marketplace, and debuted a brand new game to test their intellectual moviegoing muscles. IT’S A MUST-HEAR! HYPE HYPE HYPE! AND Ryan talks up his JUST about ready to open food truck after hitting your very favorite comedy news team with some of his homemade pierogis. We’ve got full brains AND full bellies now. WOOO!

BUT FIRST! Dave serves up a heaping helping of humble pie in this week’s What Made Dave Angry This Week: self-nicknamers beware! AND, in Three for the Road, we’ve got sporty GOAT news, lazy and murderous AI programs, horrifying computer-generated ice cream flavors and ever so much more!

Get yourself some popcorn and prop up those feet. It’s the biggest crossover event you’ve ever seen us talk up in these show notes! It’s time: lights! Camera! WHIPAROUND!


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