Episode 53: “Shut Up Tommy; You’re My Pants!” With Special Guest Simka Griffin

Episode Notes

Welcome! Oh, and BOO! It’s the Whiparound’s Halloween Special, and this year we’ve got more than just weird Halloween-themed news: we’ve got GHOST STORIES! Join Dave and Shaun as they sit (metaphorically) by the (imaginary) camp fire and listen to returning guest Simka Griffin tell them of her very own experiences with the (possibly?) paranormal! Come for the bizarre current events, stay for the eerie twists and turns of Simka’s Tales of the BEYOND!


Shaun has a dark tale to tell about…Disney? Find out just why the custodians at the famous theme parks are OVER a particularly spooky aspect of their jobs…and maybe bring a vaccum cleaner with you on your next trip to see your favorite cartoon characters sweat in oversized costume heads! What’s afoot in the happiest place on earth? Find out with a peek into Shaun’s Cabinet of the Macabre!

PLUS, in THREE FOR THE ROAD… Dave’s got the most adorably spooky Halloween treat recipes this side of the pumpkin patch, Shaun’s got mobster-parasite flies on the brain, and Simka takes a run at speedy delivery herself! Guest power!

Trick or treat, smell our beard, we have got some news that’s WEIRD! Don’t be scared, it’s just…THE WHIPAROUND!


People Keep Scattering Ashes at Disney Theme Parks — and Custodians Are Over It

Man helps venomous cobra cross busy road

Three Weird Halloween Laws You Might Not Know

40+ Halloween Dinner Ideas That Are So Good It's Scary

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