Episode 26: “A Few Bad Cheesesteaks,” with Returning Guest: Ward Van Haute

Episode Notes

Artist, gentleman, and Director-Curator of the Bethlehem House Contemporary Art Gallery returns with PRIZES to award, KNOWLEDGE to impart, and a true-crime story to help unfurl! A Delaware native dons a Phillies cap and a hideous sweater, steals away from an art show and escspes with a 2000-year-old…thumb? Join Ward, Jill, and Shaun as they puzzle out this tawdry tale of international idiocy and, along the way, examine human selfishness, the true value of priceless items, and why so much art ENTERS Philly but far less ever escapes!

And YES! We’ve got contest winners! In Act 1, find out who earned those $25 gift cards and the ultra-rare pint glasses! PLUS, at the show’s end, we announce the winner of the custom The Warriors movie poster courtesy of local artist Tyler Martis. Greed and scandal and generosity fly around this place like snowballs dropping on Santa’s head! It must be time for…THE WHIPAROUND!

LINKS: Man stole an ancient terra-cotta warrior’s thumb in Philadelphia, FBI says

Chinese anger after terracotta warrior's thumb stolen in US

South Korean basketball league ousts foreign players for being too tall. Some attempt shrinking.

Ex-Boy Scout leaders involved in pushing over ancient rock charged This Dog Got Detained For Chasing A Deer And His Reaction Is Everything

Jill Yapsuga’s Youtube Series: Welcome to Spinsterhood

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