Episode 29: The MICRO Whiparound: Now with 100% more ASMR!

Episode Notes

It’s like a frozen can of Whiparound Concentrate in Mom’s freezer: this week, the Whiparound has been distilled into a THIRD of its usual length while still bringing you all the incredible (and incredibly weird) takes on the news and current events. We’ve been TRAVEL sized for ease in sharing with friends, relatives, sleeping hospital patients, curiously intelligent horses, and paintings with eyes that follow you around the room. So pass this guy around!

The Ills and Shaun waste no time getting to business: Phil returns with some legitimate news about…a gaydar machine?! Jill and Shaun have their doubts, but there’s actually some computery science at play…we think.

In the Deep Dive, it’s all about the strange, soothing, sleep OR frustration-inducing phenomena taking Youtube by sonorous storm: ASMR. An upcoming comedy/ASMR fusion album gets Shaun, Phil, and Jill discussing their takes on “Head Tinglers,” how close this all wanders toward porn, and MAYBE even take a stab at some whisper-gold themselves.

And of COURSE, Three for the Road careens into some fascinating territory: King Tut’s disappointing lack of secret Mommy rooms, Matthew McConaughey goes singing in the rain, and MAYBE Milli Vanilli wrote Shakespeare’s plays! We’re killing you softly—with KNOWLEDGE—ON THE WHIPAROUND!


Brandon Wardell to Release ASMR Comedy Album

Scientists have found out why voices like Bob Ross' is so soothing

White Noise and Sleep Induction

How Researchers Are Beginning to Gently Probe the Science Behind ASMR

Why Stanford Researchers Tried to Create a Gaydar Machine

Deep neural networks are more accurate than humans at detecting sexual orientation from facial images

Napflix: Siesta Video Platform

Childish Gambino Music Video, “This is America”

New Jersey's Mystery High School Pooper Turns Out To Be School Superintendent

Egypt says no hidden rooms in King Tut's tomb after all

Police department in Michigan jokingly says it changed patrol cars to read “popo”

China’s Watchful Eye

NASA Mars InSight Mission

Solar powered clean drinking water trialed

Jill Yapsuga’s Youtube Series: Welcome to Spinsterhood

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