Episode 44: No Kidneys, No Backsies!

Episode Notes

Folks, the Doctor is IN! And Shaun’s here, too! It’s a Whiparound DUO episode and the fellas crack open a case of the purloined…kidney? Medical malpractice of the most bizarre sort is the focus this time around, and if this were a game of Operation, the warranty would be voided for sure! And before the dust settles, the sutures cool, and the lawsuits get off the ground, Phil and Shaun break still MORE new gaming ground with a rousing (and startlingly cost-effective) game of Truth or Bullsh-t! Join in the fun and decide which bouts of quackery are legit and which tales of terrible taste the boys cooked up on their own…


Phil has some news about the most recent superfood to take the world…and your ARTERIES by storm in SCIENCE!...It Still Matters, Dammit. And as a bonus, he gives us all some (vaguely?) terrific news about beef tallow! ALRIGHT!

AND, in Three for the Road, a monster reveals his kink, school advice abounds, and porn addiction gets its comeuppance at last!

Fill out this form, sign here, initial there, and put on this darling little gown, you’ve just been admitted…TO THE WHIPAROUND!

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The 25% Rule

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