Episode 34: The Vile Internet Diaries

Episode Notes

Some seedy sports news out of Philadelphia opens the way for Dave, Shaun, and Jill to peel back the rather nasty outer layer of the Internet to expose…well…SUPER nasty layers within! Internet crimes, misdemeanors, and the miscreants who love them are in focus this week. We’ve got stats, anecdotes, and more bizarre portmanteaus (vishing!?) than you can shake a Nigerian Prince at. AND prepare yourself for the spectacular return of the Shaun Quiz!

BUT FIRST! Jill returns with some more Here’s the Thing: what Puritanical, Halloween-hatin’ Youtube tomfoolery has her dander up? Tune in to find out!

AND, in Three for the Road, you’ll find passionate bidet screeds, horserace conspiracy theories, and some heartfelt outreach from Ms. Yapsuga herself. Type your SSN here so we can get your bank access restored—you can trust us, we are…THE WHIPAROUND!

LINKS: Suicide Prevention Lifeline Website

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Local Color – Sean Witzke – Medium

'Bachelorette' star suffered major kitchen accident — and it’s pretty common

5 True Stories Of Celebrities Who Were Catfished

Jill Yapsuga’s Youtube Series: Welcome to Spinsterhood

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