Episode 57: The Ballad of Jank Johnson

Episode Notes

This week, Shaun is joined by Kate Hayes of Bethlehem Burners for a fast-paced bout of some of the weirdest news of today AND yester…month! Have AI made the next step of their inevitable domination in becoming…annoying CEO types? Shaun thinks Lexus may have helped that happen with their newest ad campaign. And Kate’s got the happiest hoarder story you’ve ever heard: find out how one couple turned trash into fortune by, well, EVENTUALLY cleaning up!


Kate debuts a never-before-heard segment on the show in which she unearths some oddball news we didn’t get to cover the first time around, and for the inaugural edition, she’s got a story fusing some of the show’s favorite elements: crime, justice, and a MASSIVE pile of animal phalluses! Find out what on EARTH one smuggler was up to in Weird News CLASSIC!

AND in Three for the Road…we’ve got truly terrible festival names, a gas thief singed by poetic justice, the dumbest bear attack of all time, and EVER so much more!

Get to know all you EVER wanted to know about a flamingo’s junk right here…ON THE WHIPAROUND!


Kenya: Chinese tourist arrested with 300 zebra penises in his luggage

First AI-Scripted Commercial Debuts, Directed by Kevin Macdonald for Lexus

Shuler King: Man Caught With Penises In Airport

FACT CHECK: Was a Man in Bear Costume Arrested for Tearing Apart Tents of Black Friday Campers?

Man suspected of money laundering after $400,000 found in washing machine

Attempted gas thief lights own pants on fire

The Christmas Chronicles Review: Kurt Russell Almost Saves Netflix Santa Claus Movie

Christmas festival comes up with X-rated hashtag to promote event Couple cleaning for Thanksgiving find $1.8 million lottery ticket

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