Episode 58: Bathroom Betty Heads to the Prison Inside Me! With guest host Kate Hayes

Episode Notes

Kate Hayes is back for another guest spot and she rocks the house yet again! This week, Kate and Shaun cover the very dirtiest of “bomb” threats at a premier, uh, Chicken Shack and a South Korean establishment promising the very finest in voluntary relaxation, isolation, and incarceration! YEP!


It’s cold, it’s bleak, it’s Shaun’s turn this week! We’ve got a brand spookin’ new Shaun’s Cabinet of the Macabre for ya, and this one’s focused on another Creepaversary ™: it’s the 66th anniversary of the Great Smog of London, that foulest of killer clouds from outer skies! For body counts and some unnerving details, come on in and give a listen!

AND in Three for the Road, we’ve got Chinese marathon shenanigans, Red Dead Redemption gets into the clothing business, holy rollers are back at it in public schools AGAIN and way, way, way waywayway more! Order yourself something delicious and settle in for some laughs, but be sure to find out what time the place closes; we’d hate for you to drop a bomb after hours. Especially not in front of…THE WHIPAROUND!


The Great Smog of 1952

New Orleans Man Accused Of Bomb Threat Insists He Just Had To Poop Really Bad

See inside the prisons that thousands of South Koreans are sending themselves to

Does ‘In God We Trust’ belong in schools? More and more states say yes.

Court rejects man's bid to subtract 20 years from his legal age

Chinese marathon cheats caught on video

High-End Red Dead Redemption 2 Clothing Line Launches

First sun-dimming experiment will test a way to cool Earth

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