Episode 37: GWA (Grannies With Attitude)

Episode Notes

When nonagenarians go all 187, you can bet your old-timey word for buttocks that your pals at the Whiparound will be on the case: this week, an elderly woman guns down her own son, and the whys and wherefores send us careening to Kenyan self-defense class, stopping for a layover at the House of Cane Fu, and finally debuting ANOTHER NEW GAME! What’s old is still old and yet NEVER more dangerous, you’ll see!

BUT FIRST! Phil’s got an all-time highlight science segment, and you’ll NEVER guess what his eye spied on the Red Planet, ya’ll: bring your goggles for this one!

AND LATER…we’ve got drug store lawsuits, a well-timed self-defense ad, and more drunken seafowl than you can handle, boyo! Now c’mere and let grandpa give you a quarter…OR ELSE: you, whippersnapper, are here for your mandatory annual visit…to the WHIPAROUND!


Mother, 92, shoots son who wanted to put her in a nursing home

‘It’s Almost Like a Ghost Town.’ Most Nursing Homes Overstated Staffing for Years

Meet the 'Kickboxing Grannies' of Kenya's Most Dangerous Slum

Elderly Fight Back With Cane Fu

UFO hunter claims the ‘penis area of an alien body on Mars’ is hiding a strange secret

Why People See Faces When There Are None: Pareidolia

Pareidolia: A Bizarre Bug of the Human Mind Emerges in Computers

Fireworks, Planets, Comets, a Nova — July's Got it All!

Center for Inquiry Sues CVS for Fraud Over Sale of Homeopathic Fake Medicine | Center for Inquiry

The science of superstition – and why people believe in the unbelievable

A LeBron James mural in Los Angeles was defaced after Twitter user offers reward for vandalism

Ghana’s Professional Mourners Get Paid to Cry at Strangers’ Funerals

Animal rescuers note surge in drunken seagull calls

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